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Central Procurement Board
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Functions of the Board

The Board shall, in respect of major contracts:
  1. Establish appropriate internal procedures for the operations of the Board and ensure the compliance with them;
  2. Vet bidding documents and notices submitted to it by public bodies;
  3. Receive and publicly open bids;
  4. Select persons from a list of qualified and independent evaluators maintained by it to act as members of a bid evaluation committee and oversee the examination and evaluation of bids; and
  5. Review the recommendations of a bid evaluation committee and
    1. approve the award of the contract; or
    2. require the evaluation committee to make a fresh or further evaluation on specified grounds.


The Board shall strive to achieve the highest standards of transparency and equity in the execution of its duties, taking into account:
  1. The evaluation criteria and methodology disclosed in the bidding documents;
  2. The qualification criteria and methodology disclosed in the bidding documents;
  3. Equality of opportunity to all bidders;
  4. Fairness of treatment to all parties;
  5. The need to obtain the best value for money in terms of price, quality and delivery, having regard to set specifications; and
  6. Transparency of process and decisions. The Board shall have such powers, and exercise such functions, as may be assigned to it under any other enactment.