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Central Procurement Board
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Powers of the Board

(1)  In the discharge of its functions, the Board may:

      (a)  call for such information and documents as it may require from any public body;

      (b)  examine such records or other documents and take copies or extracts from them;

      (c)  commission any studies relevant to the determination of the award of major

      (d)  request any professional or technical assistance from any appropriate person in
            Mauritius or elsewhere;

      (da) make appointments pursuant to section 10(1)(c) following call for applications by
             public advertisement; and

      (e)  do all such acts and things as it may consider incidental or conductive to the
            exercise of its functions;

(2)  Any person to whom a request is made under subsection 1(a) and who fails to comply
      with the request, or willfully gives any false or misleading answer to any question
      lawfully put by the Board, shall commit an offence.
(3)  Where-

      (a) any variation in a contract price subsequent to the conclusion of a procurement
           contract entered into by a public body causes the total contract amount to exceed
           the prescribed amount by more than 20 percent; or

          (b)  the lowest bid submitted in response to an invitation made by a public
            body exceeds the prescribed amount,

the matter together with all the bidding documents and the contract documents, if any, shall be referred to the Board for approval.

(4)  Where it comes to the knowledge of the Board that a contract has been awarded or is
      about to be awarded in breach of this Part, the Board shall forthwith report the matter
      to the Head of the Civil Service, with a copy to the Director, recommending such action
      as it may deem appropriate.

(5)  The Head of the Civil Service may, where he considers appropriate, refer any matter
      reported to him under subsection (4) to the Police for inquiry.