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Central Procurement Board

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I. To Establish Appropriate Tender Procedures
These procedures ensure:
  • that specifications laid down in the tender document do not favour or penalize any prospective bidder;
  • that fair treatment is given to all parties
  • competition compliance with set specifications and conditions

II. To Vet Tender Documents and Notices
For major projects i.e. those exceeding the respective prescribed amount, public bodies are required to submit draft tender documents to be vetted by the Central Procurement Board (CPB Board).
Amendments where appropriate are made in consultation with the procuring entities and documents/notices are finalised.
The Board, in its endeavour to achieve the highest standards of equity, takes the following into account:
  • equality of opportunity to all prospective bidders;
  • fairness of treatment to all parties; and
  • the need to obtain the best value for money in terms of price, quality and delivery, having regard to set specifications.
Depending on the nature of procurement, bids are invited in the following manner:
  • one envelope system containing all information - Bidders' name, address, Bid price, Bid Bond where relevant, and Technical Proposal
  • two envelope system containing separately Technical and Financial Proposals

III. To Invite Tenders Locally or Internationally
A reasonable tendering period is determined and bids are invited locally or internationally as the case may be. Generally the tendering period is as follows:
  • 4 to 5 weeks for local competitive bidding
  • 8 to 12 weeks for international competitive bidding.


Restricted bidding may be used under special circumstances, otherwise open advertised bidding is the preferred mode used by Public Bodies.
IV. To Receive, Open and Register Tenders
  • Bidders are instructed to deposit their tenders in the Tender Box of the Central Procurement Board before the deadline fixed for the submission of tenders. Tenders dispatched by courier or by post should also reach the Board by the deadline mentioned. Bids received after the deadline are not considered.


  • The Tender Box is normally closed at 13.30 hours on the day scheduled for receipt of tenders. At 14.00 hours all tenders are gathered, sorted out, opened, registered in the presence of officials and bidders or bidders' representatives who choose to attend in the Conference Room of the Central Procurement Board. This exercise is also known as "Public Opening of Bids" .
V. To set up Bid Evaluation Committees to Evaluate Bids
  • The Board will set up Bid Evaluation Committees for each major project where the estimated cost of the project is above the prescribed amount. When bids below the prescribed amount are received, they are forwarded to the public body for evaluation at their end. Evaluators are selected from a pool of evaluators, registered at the CPB for evaluation purposes. They are professionals coming from Ministries, Departments, Parastatal Bodies and the Private Sector.


  • The Bid Evaluation Committee is convened at the CPB for the evaluation of bids and a procurement officer is nominated to support and act as coordinator between the Bid Evaluation Committee and the CPB.


  • Bids are handed over to the evaluation team for scrutinisation and the preparation of the evaluation report in the required format.
VI. To Approve the Award of Contracts
Internal procedures by CPB Board for approval of award of contracts are outlined below:
  • Setting up of independent Bid Evaluation Committees with the objective of producing quality evaluation reports with firm recommendations within the time allocated;
  • Examination of evaluation reports by the Board and issuing early approval of award to the Public Body; OR
  • Requesting Bid Evaluation Committees to review their reports on specific grounds and submit fresh recommendations; OR
  • Requesting technical experts to analyse the bids received and make firm recommendations to the Board.
  • Ultimate decision for approval of award of contracts or otherwise rests solely with the Board.
VII. Decision of CPB Board to Public Bodies
In case of approval of award in favour of a lowest substantially responsive bidder, the decision of the Board is conveyed to the Public Body which shall notify all bidders of such decision, also known as notification stage.